More than 30% don’t have clean water

FEMA stresses Canada Goose Coats On Sale it’s not leaving Puerto Rico

But FEMA was not planning to buy canada goose jacket leave, nor stop handing out crucial supplies, the agency stressed. Distribution of its stockpiled 46 million liters of water and four million meals and snacks will continue on canada goose uk outlet the canada goose jacket outlet island. The agency believes that amount is sufficient until normalcy returns.

Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Public Safety and state coordinating officer Hector Pesquera agreed Wednesday that the canada goose factory outlet commonwealth has sufficient supplies though he said the day before that canada goose black friday sale “we were not informed canada goose outlet online that supplies would stop arriving, nor did the government of Puerto Rico agree with this action.”

“The numbers just don’t add up,” canada goose uk black friday said Jorge Pratts, a full time volunteer canada goose outlet nyc with Operation Blessing, who oversees the US nonprofit’s operations in Puerto Rico. The group has distributed 35,000 uk canada goose water filters since Hurricane Maria canada goose outlet black friday hit. Pratts was in the town of Salinas on Wednesday, rebuilding a barber shop destroyed in the storm.

Pratts says he still sees people who are desperately in need of water, even in the capital of San Juan.

“The cry for help comes from fathers and mothers, people in their 60s, 70s and 80s,” he said. “It’s a very, very delicate situation that we’re going through. FEMA is not being sensitive at all, and they’re not understanding what’s going on here.”

‘We are still in disaster mode’

Utuado, another mountainous community where Maria wiped out bridges and left communities isolated for weeks, is still very dependent on FEMA’s relief aid, the mayor says.

Mayor Ernesto Irizarry says 71% of the canada goose outlet 33,000 residents do not canada goose coats on sale have power. More than 30% don’t have clean water.

“For now, we have enough supplies,” Irizarry said.

The mayor says they have enough supplies to last about another week, and he is confident FEMA will continue to provide supplies. But if FEMA’s stockpile on the island runs out, his municipality would likely face a “humanitarian crisis.”

“Utuado is not in recovery mode,” he said. “We are still in disaster mode because we don’t have access to basic services.”

He was not able to watch President Donald Trump’s State of canada canada goose outlet goose outlet uk the Union address Tuesday night because he was meeting with a struggling community in Utuado that still does not have canada goose outlet reviews access to clean water. Irizarry wasn’t surprised that Trump only mentioned Puerto Rico once in Canada Goose Outlet his speech and didn’t recount any stories from the island like canada goose outlet he mentioned from wildfires in California and Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

“He does not know Utuado,” Irizarry said. “They didn’t canada goose outlet canada take him to towns like Utuado during his visit. They canada goose outlet shop took him to Guaynabo that will Canada Goose Parka never compare to the devastation in my town.”.

But after five years, a small but vocal group of residents is

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Cough and cold products have not been shown to be safe or

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